Anyone who wants to participate in the ICO, thus funding the project, can do so by sending the Ethereum currency to the indicated contract address. The smart contract will work like this: when 1 Ether is sent, 100,000 ScudoCash (SCH) will be sent to the wallet that will be indicated by the buyer.

The currency accepted during the ICO period is the Ethereum, we will use its blockchain.

The minimum amount for the creation will be fixed upon receipt of 50 Ether (about $ 50,000) Soft Cap, this amount is subject to change before creation of ScudoCash, as it is subject to the change in quotation of the same.

The ICO period of the ScudoCash cryptocurrency is set at 8 weeks (beginning 3 March 2018 end 28 April 2018).

If the ICO campaign does not reach the minimum target set in No. 50 Ether (about $ 50,000), all funds will be returned.
At the end of the ICO period, if the soft cap has been reached and after the technical timing of the token distribution, ScudoCash will be placed on the exachange market where it will have its own quotation.


Soft Cap
50 Eth
Bonus 1° week
Bonus 2° week
Bonus 3° week
Bonus 4° week
Bonus 5° week
Bonus 6° week
Bonus 7° week
Bonus 8° week
Maximun number of token generated ScudoCash (SCH)
% of tokens to team
Date of ICO start
3 Mar 2018
Date of ICO end
28 Apr 2018